Calling all trekkers, culture vultures, and nature enthusiasts! If the recent wet spell in Nepal has you feeling a little soggy, fret no more!

This article brings exciting news for those eager to experience the beauty of Nepal bathed in sunshine.

Good riddance, rain! According to the latest weather forecasts, a welcome shift towards drier and sunnier skies is expected across Nepal in the coming weeks. 

While the exact timeline might vary slightly depending on the region, meteorological data suggests a significant decrease in rainfall by mid-April 2024.

Sun-Kissed Adventures Await!

This positive weather update translates into a season of exciting possibilities for travelers. Here’s how you can leverage the improved weather conditions for an unforgettable Nepal experience:

  • Conquer Majestic Peaks: Embark on a dream trek under clear skies. Popular trails like the Annapurna Circuit or the Poon Hill trek become even more rewarding with sunshine and breathtaking mountain vistas.
  • Immerse Yourself in Culture: Explore the vibrant historical cities of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur without worrying about sudden downpours. Soak in the intricate architecture and rich cultural heritage bathed in golden sunlight.
  • Spot Wildlife in Splendor: Head to Chitwan National Park or Bardia National Park for an unforgettable wildlife safari. Improved visibility due to drier weather will allow you to witness majestic one-horned rhinos, majestic Bengal tigers, and a diverse array of birdlife in their natural habitat.
  • Tame the Raging Rivers: For adventurous souls, the receding water levels in rivers like Trishuli and Bhote Kosi present the perfect opportunity for an exhilarating white-water rafting experience.

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Plan Your Nepal Adventure Today!

Plan for Nepal Adventure with weather forecast - eTail Nepal

With sunnier skies gracing the horizon, Nepal is poised to become a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike.  Start planning your dream trip today and get ready to experience the magic of Nepal under clear blue skies!


While most regions are expected to experience drier weather by mid-April, it’s always a good practice to consult the latest local weather reports before heading out, particularly for high-altitude treks.

In the Conclusion: 

For the most up-to-date weather information and to plan your trip accordingly, you can refer to reliable resources like the Nepal Meteorological Department or international weather websites like World Weather Online and AccuWeather.

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